Barendra Feeds Ltd is a concern of JAMUNA INDUSTRIAL AGRO GROUP on which, Natura is a reputed well established brand name in the business area of Bangladesh. Natura Feed is one of the most popular names in poultry, cattle and fish feed. It has a long history of willpower and commitment towards excellence, reliability, and a firm promise to deliver value to its consumers and clients since 2020.
Through its involvement in trade and commerce in Bangladesh’s agricultural sector over the past two years, Natura Feed has played a crucial role in the country’s consistent economic growth and dramatically accelerating socioeconomic development.
Through the implementation of proper business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategies and its extraordinary efforts with a drive for excellence and adding value, Natura Feed has substantially contributed to the business environment, growth, and stability of the country. Natura Feed never backed away from its growth and development since it is a company that prioritizes it.
Natura constantly aims to keep its products at the highest possible standard, and to do so, it collects the highest-quality raw materials both domestically and abroad. Experienced, devoted, sincere, and devoted to the company employees make up Natura’s workforce. We provide superior customer service and have stronger relationships with farmers and dealers, so when customers have complaints regarding feeds, we take them into consideration politely and work to resolve them as soon as possible. In accordance with government policy, we maintain the ideal protein and energy content in the diet. Smooth deliveries are made to customers by Natura also.
Quality is a well-known attribute of Natura Feeds. At the contemporary laboratory, each and every raw material and finished product is put through a rigorous quality control analysis.

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