Jamuna Industrial Agro Group started its journey in 1982 headed by the renowned businessman Mr. Md. Lutfar Rahman. He established the group slowly and steadily back in 1982. Mr. Lutfar Rahman initially started a business named M/S Rahman and Co. in Rajshahi as a first-class construction Firm and subsequently got involved in export and import business in 1990. Then in 2001 he started transport business named National Travels which created huge reputation. Subsequently he started another Transport Business named Desh Travels for business class passengers in the year 2012.

After that he started cold storage business named Jamuna Seeds Storage (Pvt.) Limited by observing the demand of storages because land in Rajshahi division is very fertile for growing potatoes and farmers need more storage for preserving potatoes.

Later on he planned to work for the development of the agro sector which would also create employment as Bangladesh has good jute production and available labor force. From these thoughts first he started Rahman Jute Mills (Pvt.) limited back in 2006 and then installed another 100% export oriented jute industries in the name of Jamuna Jute Industries Limited in 2011. Jamuna Jute focuses on high grade yarns for manufacturing carpets.

Few years back Mr. Lutfar Rahman observed the demand for rice bran oil and also availability of bran in northern zone as there are many auto rice mills operated nearby. From this idea he started to produce high quality rice bran oil. The company was incorporated in 2012 named Jamuna Edible Oil Industries Limited although its commercial operation started on 10 April 2015. From 2015, Jamuna Edible Oil Industries Limited started soyabean oil production from imported raw material of soya seed.

The Company also deals with other business like filling station named Rahman & Co Filling Station.

In these way Jamuna Industrial Agro Group has created reputation in the northern zone in Bangladesh.

jamuna industrial agro group

Our Mission

Jamuna Industrial Agro Group relies on serving the best service to the commoners and the country; not only in doing business and making profit. The Jamuna Industrial Agro Group is always concerned with providing the best possible services and products to customers in order to achieve their complete satisfaction, as the group believes that customers are the ultimate determining factor in any organization’s success. It always aims to provide clients with fresh goods and services. According to Jamuna Industrial Agro Group, no organization can develop without a capable and committed team. It treats its representatives, workers, and other staff members with respect and care. The group tries to create a sense of belonging among the workforce through various actions and processes so that they can explore their full potential and give their full dedication to the organization and get evaluated accordingly.


Through several humanitarian services, the group has helped a lot of poor and disadvantaged people, and it aims to spread those services throughout the nation for the benefit of the population and the advancement of the nation.

Our Vission

In various sectors of commerce and industry in Bangladesh, Jamuna Industrial Agro Group is already one of the biggest companies. It aims to be much further ahead than it is now. The group aspires to influence nationwide business and be the leading source of private sector funding for both societal and economic growth. The group has already entered numerous commercial and industrial sectors, some of them as inventors, to carry out the vision and has ambitions to do so in a great number of other sectors as well. The group has begun preparations for global expansion and hopes to announce its global presence within the next few years.